At Stylo y Líneas our most important objective is to observe and find the style that gives each individual person their very best.
We try to keep up with the latest trends to offer our clients the best results.


Colouring is a powerful tool to highlight and show off the latest tendencies.
We have a wide range of professional products with the best color collections of the season.
Warm and cool colours with radiant reflections according to your requirements.



Up to 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition; odorless, ammonia-free.
Optimum well-being for the scalp, sublime colour brightness and power.

Discover the whole palette Inoa has to offer. Rich, vibrant and bright colors.

Inoa Supreme


If you are looking to rejuvenate the skin with lifting effect creams, why not do the same for your hair?

We offer the new service Color lift 15 years younger Inoa Supreme. Anti-aging coloration of L’Oreal Professional with perfect coverage without ammonia.
The results are excellent, providing greater hair density, defined colours and special brightness.

Diarichesse y Dialight

Coloring service without ammonia that enhances the natural color of the hair with radiant and bright reflections.
The tone on tone Diarichesse is ideal to cover the first white hairs with deep reflections and exceptional smoothness.
Ideal for natural hair.

Dialight tone on tone is ideal for coloured and sensitized hair.
Luminous and bright reflections are achieved.



Coloring mixes at different depths and with different intensities oxidation, providing a long lasting colour to the hair.
For a global or partial coloration, vibrant from blond to more natural tones.
Perfect coverage of white hair.

Majirel High Lift


We can get the super-cold personalized blond. Pure ice blonde hair, neutralized with the super ice trendy effect.
The hair is soft with neat hair fiber from roots to tips, thanks to the complex Ionéne G and Incell.

Hair Touch Up

Touch up your hair roots and hide away the gray hairs with this easy to use coloration spray.

Hair Touch Up Professionnel L’Oreal is a temporary hair roots corrective which disappears after the first wash.
If you have a party or important meal and have not had the time to go to the hairdresser, this is the perfect solution.
We have four tones and will choose the one that best suits your hair color.



Whatever the technique used, tinfoil, comb, California wicks, balayage highlights, we can make it using our professional experience always making sure it will be exactly what you want.
We will find for you the perfect tone, considering the root colour of your hair, your skin and eyes colour.
We get the desired effect, which can be either very discreet or noticeable according to your desires.
We offer ideal products to perform these highlights techniques, with the professional help of L’Oreal products.

Come and try our highlights with Platinum Plus and Platinium without ammonia.
It fully respects the hair fiber, resulting in a bright and shiny blond.
Try our Infinity Platine bleaching powder. First formula enriched with Pro-Keratin that fortifies the hair providing it with an infinite luminosity.




We can create different styles of curls.
Classic ones for people who want long-lasting curls, modern ones with volume at the root and feminine waves with natural movement.
Something that is very fashionable nowadays, which is also relaxed and comfortable for the summer, are the most unmade and natural waves “surfer waves“.


Dulcia Advanced L’Oréal. It has a formula that combines Ionéne G, a protective agent and output shield against moisture to hair, which penetrates deeply avoiding deterioration.




The essential requisite to achieve an attractive and natural looking hair creation is to use hair of the highest quality.
With a variety of colours, lengths and structures.

Hairdreams hair is characterized by its healthy structure, radiant glow, lasting colours, vitality and natural elasticity.
We have a wide range of shades and colours to choose from and we will make sure you find the one that suits you.
We prepare personal quotes, in person, by appointment and without any further obligation.


Brides and Grooms

A wedding is a very special day that you will remember forever.
We know how much looking great on this day means to you.
Every bride wants to look splendid. You are the absolute protagonist and the center of attention.

Trust us. Ask about our “Bride Voucher”.
After listening to your wishes and needs, we will prepare a personalised quote.
The voucher can be enjoyed by both the bride and the groom, godmother or assistants to the ceremony.
We can make any kind of upsweep, considering your features, your style, your dress and accessories. We will find the right style for you.
Do not hesitate to contact us!



Man is becoming more demanding with it image, is more interented by last trends in style. Thinking about it, we offer services and advices personalized. We perform the cut more flattering for your makeover.We work with the most professional brands. We know each one of the techniques to offer you the best service in haircut, color and care from hair related.

L’Oréal Professionnel Homme Cover 5
You only need five minutes to hide away your gray hair in a very natural way thanks to this gel dye. The result is discreet and natural, without notorious highlights.
It is ideal to rejuvenate your look at the appearance of the first white hairs. Beautify your grays without fully covering them and empower their own charm.



We carry out an in-depth consultation with you to determine the best suited straightening treatment for your hair type.


This straightening service, using Tannin as the active ingredient, provides a 100% smooth hair, restructured, moisturized, shiny and silky without causing any damage. The quality of the hair is even improved by this ingredient.
Tannin is a polyphenol of vegetal origin. This natural ingredient activates the hair fiber creating a new protein chain.
By strengthening the collagen, this active ingredient smooth and moisturize the hair in depth, with a durability of 5 or 6 months.


Flash Liss – Pro-keratina Express


Smoothing, semi-permanent, service. You get discipline, nurture and care for the hair fiber. Leaving your hair with a smoothing, incredible brightness and volume control.
In just 45 minutes you get your perfect straightening without formaldehyde, rootless effect.
Enjoy 30 days combing hair salon.

X-Tenso Moisturist

Discover our permanent straightening service that transforms the rebellious, curly or frizzy hair into a sleek, nourished, silky and shiny one for at least 8 weeks.


X-Tenso Moisturist creates a smooth natural Brazilian straightening effect.
We observe the quality and natural state of your hair to advise you on the best product you should use.
There are three types:

Natural hair
Resistant natural hair
Coloured hair

We can achieve the degree of smoothing you want. Remove volume, keep some volume or reach a table type.