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Pro Fiber

Pro Fiber – 20 min.
For the vast majority of women, damaged hair is a common problem, Pro Fiber offers a customized solution for every level of hair damage.
They are the first treatments for hair control with full motion.

3 levels of hair damage
3 full ranges
Based on the knowledge gained from the thorough investigation of damaged hair, L’Oréal Professionnel has identified three levels of hair damage: level 1: the damage only affects the cuticle; level 2:the damage affects both the cuticle and the cortex; and Level 3: in which cuticle and cortex are seriously damaged.

L’Oréal Professionnel designed three specific ranges with Pro Fiber adapted to the different levels of hair damage: RECTIFY, RESTORE and RECONSTRUCT. These products are a personalized response to each level of damage providing a peerless results.

Level 1


Level  2


Level  3



Service 2 in 1
Pro-Keratin treatment which combines the treatment itself with a hair brush.


The activated steam opens the hair cuticle for the Pro-Keratin to be absorbed and sealed by the effect of the brushing. Your hair will look supersoft, bright and neat.
Volume and movement to the hair.


Special treatment to enhance your hair care when doing highlights, bleaching, dyeing or any other treatment which contains chemicals. Olaplex, since contains not chemicals, prevents the hair fiber from breaking.

Olaplex is a multiplier of these hair connections. The fiber is not damaged. It regenerates the hair during the treatment, making it stronger and brighter.
It contains no sulfates or silicones.


Phyto Repair

Phyto Repair (collagen) – 20 min.

Regenerating treatment with collagen and plant cells that associates the reconstruction of the hair with the anti-aging function.
Repairs in depth the hair fiber and revitalizes the remaining active part of the damaged hair.

We use our infrared hair straightener for this treatment, getting nutrition and protein to penetrate directly into the cortex. The result is spectacular!

  • Reconstruction of the structure of the hair fiber.
  • Increasement of the thickness of the stem.
  • New brightness.
  • Disciplined hair.


Résistance Therapiste

Deep Ritual Repair – 20 min.

A second life for your hair.
For damaged hair and/or chemically treated.
Profoundly repairs the hair fiber from the inside to regain its strength and elasticity.


Ritual Colour Protection – 15 min.
Protection and shine.
For colored hair.
Protects, maintains and extends the intensity and brightness of the color.



Discipline Ritual – 45 min.
Disciplining long-term results.
Controls the frizzy hair providing it with natural movement discipline.
72 hours of anti-moisture and anti-frizz protection.
Faster and lasting brushing.

The first treatment for hair with full control movement.



Nutritive – 20 min.

Protocol immunity dryness.
Immunizing long life for dry or very dry hair.


Instant nutrition, deep, radiant glow, flexibility and softness.
Dosed as depending on the degree of dryness of hair, to offer the ideal treatment diagnosis.
A personalized treatment in three steps nourishing the hair in depth for weeks.

Elixir Ultime 24 Kilates

Elixir Ultime 24 Kilates – 20 min.
The optimal solution between nutrition and lightness for smooth, radiant hair thanks to the exquisite combination of 4 precious oils.


The hair acquires a light, silky touch and a perfume with incomparable brilliance.
Come and enjoy this luxury multisensory experience.



Chronologiste – 25 min.

Hair care through an exceptional ritual.
A prodigy for capilar regeneration. Its marine and plant active ingredients in a prodigious Créme Regeneration with concentrate Mimetic Caviar Pearl merge in a exceptional treatment.

Gives hair its original splendor and beauty.